Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement 

Comet Transport is committed to protecting the privacy of the users of its web site. 

Comet Transport is bound by the National Privacy Principles. 

Comet Transport strives to provide you with a streamlined web experience that delivers relevant services to you in the most efficient way. To this end, Comet Transport collects certain information during your use of the Comet Transport web site. 

What information is collected by Comet Transport? 

Comet Transport may collect the personal information provided by completing online forms on its web site or by occasional email survey. For example, you may wish to provide us with your contact details so you can be added to our mailing list. 

What information is collected by others? 

When you look at the Capital Transport Group web site, Capital Transport Group's Internet Service Provider and your Internet Service Provider may also make a record of your visit and collect some or all of the same, or similar, information as the Capital Transport Group web sites. 

When you follow a link from the Comet Transport web site to a third-party web site, that web site may also make a record of your visit and collect some or all of the same, or similar, information as the Comet Transport web site. The information collected by any of the third parties is not subject to this privacy policy. It should be noted that Comet Transport has no control over, and does not accept any responsibility for, the privacy and information collection practices of these third parties. 

Comet Transport will not provide your personal information to other parties external to Comet, simply to enable those parties to target you for marketing, research or any other purposes. If, at any time, Comet Transport wishes to share your personal information with other parties, in circumstances other than those described above, we will use our reasonable endeavours to notify you of that intention and to seek your consent before doing so. 

How Comet Transport protects your information

Online access to your information and services is protected by your Comet Transport username and password which must be provided before you can gain access to your information and services. You should remember that it is your responsibility to keep your username and password secret so that they cannot be used by anyone else. 

Use of information collected by Comet Transport 

Information collected during the ordering process allows us to process and fulfill your service requests and to notify you of your service status.

As well as for fulfilling any requests you may make of Comet Transport, the information we collect may be used to keep you informed about new products and initiatives, and also to assist Comet Transport in its marketing research and improving the services that we provide. 

Access to information collected by Comet Transport 

Comet Transport will not willfully provide any of the personally identifying information which it has collected about you, or otherwise give access to any of that personally identifying information, to any unrelated third party except where Comet Transport believes in good faith: 

1.      that you have consented; or 

2.      that the information is required to help identify any abuse or attempt to abuse or 

        compromise the integrity or security of the Comet Transport web site or any

        web sites connected to them; or  

3.      that a law enforcement agency, or other government agency, is exercising its legal

        authority to require Comet Transport to provide access to that information. 

However, Comet Transport may disclose anonymous statistical information to third parties such as advertisers, promoters and partners. 

Where services requested by you are performed by a related entity of Comet Transport then your information relevant to the request will be provided to their entity. 

Contact details 

If you have any questions or complaints concerning this privacy policy you can contact our Human Resource Manager who acts as our Privacy Contact Officer by: 

  • Mail -   The HR Manager, Comet Transport (Vic), PO Box 1168, Huntingdale, VIC, 3166; or
  • Telephone - 13 13 23; or
  • Facsimile  -  (03) 8562 0002

If you have any non-privacy-related inquiries, you can contact our Customer Service Representatives by telephone on 13 13 23.