Taxi Truck Services

Taxi Truck Services 

Comet Transport is a full service transport and logistics company, and offer a full range of Taxi Truck vehicles. Vehicle types include Trays, Taut-liners, Vans, Hydraulic Tailgates, Crane Trucks and other specialized vehicles upon request. 

As our client, we look to offer your business genuine flexibility throughout our product range.

Our operators utilise the latest in vehicle dispatch technology to assist in the allocation and management of every booking. This state of the art tracking is available to any clients utilising Taxi Trucks on a permanent basis.

Our Benefits  

  • Experienced fleet controllers to manage your delivery
  • Fleet ranging from 2 Tonne to Semi
  • Reliability in service delivery
  • Bookings via phone or Internet
  • On-line facilities providing timely information
  • Tracking via the latest in-vehicle technology
  • Signature proof of delivery and on-line pricing
  • SMS proof of delivery available
  • Satellite or hybrid mapping showing job completion
  • Our drivers wear company uniform
  • Our drivers wear identification tags
  • All our vehicles carry suitable safety equipment


  Taxi Truck Service Summary & Service Code Breakdown (PDF)